Protect Yourself from Mobile Devices Radiation
Electromagnetic Radiation is Everywhere!
Don't Let Radiation HARM You and Your Family's Health
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Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

Male Infertility
Cell phones emitting radiation near groin area can cause changes in shape, motility and number of sperms.

Brain Tumors
Radiation can penetrate inside the human brain to decreases their protein kinase C and melatonin activity

Risk of Miscarriage, Hearing Impairment, Asthma, Insomnia, Leukemia, High-Blood Pressure, Birth Defects, Poor Blood Circulation.

Features Products

Shield Go (Lcare Go)

SGD $350

Shield Go is a battery replaceable device, specifically designed using ultrasonic welding technology to avoid screw marks on it giving great aesthetic pleasure to the user.

Shield + (Lcare)

SGD $799

Shield+ is a battery-operated portable radiation alleviator that eliminates up to 95% of electromagnetic radiation, with a radiation clearance ranges up to 1GHz.

Shield Pro + (Savlink)

SGD $899

Shield Pro+ (SAVLINK) reduces EM radiation to protect your long-term health. Specially designed to eliminate over 95% low, intermediate, and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from electronic devices. It is recommended to be used in offices or homes with lots of electronic products. 

Don't Let Radiation HARM You and Your Family's Health

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